MGC Hospital

Maraland Gospel Centenary Hospital (MGCH)

The ECM Inaugurated the MG Hospital on the 23rd Nov, 2005 of Maraland, having one Civil Hospital which did not suffices, resolved to run Hospital on 9th October, 1996 and only after 14 years of planned it could be materialized and inaugurated on 23rd November, 2006 at Siaha Town.


The present condition of the ECM Hospital in brief:

Workers – 50 (1 Specialist Doctor, 3 permanent doctors, and 60 Beds)



Department available

  1. Surgery department
  2. Maternity and Gynecology department
  3. Casualty department
  4. Out patient and patient department
  5. Pharmacy department
  6. General Administration department
MGC Hospital

        Maraland Gospel Centenary Hospital




    Problem statement (Health) Current Issues

    The said hospital is suppose to cover the population of more than 1 lakh (approx) The area cover is located at the southern – most corner of the southern part of Mizoram state which was bordered by Myanmar in the East and Bangladesh in the South. The hospital is located at the headquarters of Siaha District. The town has only one 50 bedded Civil Hospital which could not meet the need of the people of the district. There is no private hospital. In the mean time, common diseases like Malaria, typhoid, cancer, maternal and infant health are rampant. Mortality particularly Infant Mortality rate is the highest in the state as compared to other neighboring district and the whole state of India. Reasons for disease being prevalent in the area are due to border area, foreigner from Myanmar and Bangladesh influx is higher than other part of the country.