Schools under ECM



ECM Higher Secondary School

The General Assembly of the ECM resolved the established School in Maraland. In 1982 the church inaugurated a High School by name “The Evangelical Church of Maraland Higher Secondary School” (ECM Higher Secondary School). ECM School is divided into three sections, they are -

1) ECM Higher Secondary School, 2) ECM High School, 3) ECM Middle School.


The Numbers of Teachers and staffs altogether are 33. At present there are 420 students in the School. The main focus on the school being Education for the poor, immigrants etc.


Lorrain English School (LES)


Lorrain English School

In 1998 ECM Assembly resolved to also continue the Education Project by establishing Lower Section. Therefore, since 1999 ECM inaugurated “Lorrain

English School”. At present there are 480 Students and 22 Teachers and staffs together.


In 2013, the ECM inaugurated a new School called ‘Tlôsaih English School’ for lower sections at Saikao Village.