Theological College (MTC)




1. The name: The 92nd ECM Assembly of 2015 decided to re-establish the former “Peniel Bible Institute”, established by the ECM Assembly of 2009, which was in respite. The same binary decision was

Maraland Theological College (MTC)

taken up by the 2016 ECM Assembly and decided to re- establish the former Bible School as “Maraland Theological College (MTC).”


2. Location: MTC is located on the compound of the ECM Higher Secondary School in the South-Eastern part of Siaha Town.


3. MTC Motto: The MTC Motto is “Spiritual Maturity, Academic Excellence”. We know that it is never easy to balance academic achievements and spiritual maturity in terms of faith. Hence, it is our vision to guide our youths, missionaries, Church elders and deacons, who might join this college, to give the best of their talents for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


4. Aims and objectives: Our aims and objectives include:

a. To train and equip missionaries for their missionary services.

b. To train and equip evangelists (in Maraland) towards a deeper understanding of the word of

    God and evangelistic ministry.

c. To equip lay leaders with biblical, theological and ministerial knowledge.

d. To provide a variety of musical courses to the youths of the land.

e. To facilitate seminars, short courses, consultations and trainings on responses to

    problems and issues facing the land.


5. Programs (Courses):

a. Certificate of Theology (C.Th): The Maraland Theological College currently offers only Certificate of Theology (C.Th). This course envisions in training evangelists in the land. In so doing lay evangelists, Church Elders, Deacons and all that who wishes to study will be better equipped with necessary biblical, theological and ministerial knowledge. Medium of instructions of C.Th classes is in Mara and  Mizo. Course duration: 1 year. Eligibility: Literate in Mara and/ or Mizo.


b. Diploma in Christian Studies (DCS) and Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS): The MTC hopes to offer the Senate of Serampore’s extention courses, Diploma in Christian Studies (DCS) and Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) from 2018 if received an approval of Maraland Theological College as one of the Senate Centres for the courses of Diploma in Christian Studies (DCS) and Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS).

Another hope of the MTC is that the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th), Bachelor of Missiology, Mobile Bible School, Summer Bible School, School of Music and other courses will also be added year by year accordingly.


6. Date of Commencement: The Class for the Certificate of Theology (C.Th) was commenced on the 7th August, 2017 and presently the students’ enrolment at present for the C.Th course is 19 students. However, MTC was inaugurated on the 7th of October, 2017 by Dr. Vansanglura, Principal, Serampore College & Secretary, Council of Serampore College. He was accompanied by the Rev. Dr. M. Justin Moses, Deputy Registrar, Senate of Serampore College and Mr. Lalruatkima, Asst. Professor of Theology & Promotional Secretary.



1. Books

English         : 714   

Mizo             : 561   

Mara            : 742

Chinese        :   4

Hebrew        :  1

Hindi            :  3

Hmar           : 1

Matu            : 1

Khumi          : 5

Total Books : 2032 

2. Magazines

English:   2

Mizo   :   7

Mara  :    74

Total Megazines : 83



3. Journal

 English : 3


4. Thesis English :39

5. Bible:

a. English : 43

b. Mizo   : 13

c. Mara   : 60

d. Hindi  :  2

e. Hmar  :  1

f. Matu    :  1

g. Chinese  : 3

h. Hebrew  :  1

Total  :  124

6. Dictionaries & Commentaries

 a. English : 265

 b. Mizo  : 220

 c. Mara   :  95

Total    :  580


7. Church History

a. English   : 127

b. Mizo : 47

 c. Mara   : 66

Total : 250

8. Theology & Mission

a. English  : 90

b. Mizo  :93

 c. Mara : 43

Total : 226


9. Hymnal

a. English :  10

 b. Mara : 64

c. Khumi :5

 d. China :   1

Total : 70


          The MTC hopes and expects some amount from the Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) leaders for the Library from next year, 2018.


8. Names & Qualifications of Faculty Members: At present, the following are the names and qualifications of the Faculty Members of the Maraland Theological College as full-time and part-time workers.


ECM Assembly ei 94-na, kô 2017-pa, Zyhno Local Church liata hneipa chata Maraland Theological College Principal chata Rev. Dr. F.C. Beichô, nata Pihnô C. Partei cha lecturer châta a vaw rao ei.  MTC Building he April 11, 2017-pa tawhna khata sa pathaopa châ ta, atahmâ he Office nata Class room-zy he  patlôpa a châ haw. Hâhkô 2018-pa tawhta course hropazy baichhi via lymâ awpa a châpa vâta MTC building ochôzy chhao he sapazao lymâ awpa ta pachhuahpanoh ngâhaipa châ ta, Residential College a châ ha bâ awpa ta hnabeiseihpa a châpa vâta Principal Quarter, Staff Quarters, nata Students’ Hostel zy padua awpa ta hmah la ngâhaipa nata pachhuahpanoh ngâhaipa a châ hra. MTC he Senate of Serampore (University) tawhta Nôpawpazy pahy awpa ta pachhuahpanohpa nata hnabeiseihpa a châpa hawh tlai ta, atanoh 7th October, 2017 –heta pahypa a vaw châ thei haw. Abeipa moh cha reithaipa ta y mawh sy. Cha nota C. Th class deikua cha August 7, 2017-pa tawhna khata pathaopa châ ta, Rev. Dr. S.T. Zawsi, Executive Secretary (Edn) ta Khazohpa lâta thlahchhâna ta hlâna  hnei ta, class pathaopa a châ.

Eima pahno khaipa hawhta  atanoh ta MTC maniah a pahypatuhpa he Upa Dr. Vansanglura, Principal, Serampore College & Secretary, Council of Serampore College  châ ta, ano he a viasa pano Rev. Dr. M. Justin Moses, Deputy Registrar, Senate of Serampore College nata Mr. Lalruatkima, Asst. Professor of Theology & Promotional Secretary zy ta ama kaw pazi. Rev. Dr. M. Justin Moses heta Seminar Paper maniah â chhuahnopa aw.

2. MTC yna su:

MTC he ECM Vaih, Siaha  liata a ypa a châ.

3. MTC ta âchhuahnazy:

a. Missionary zy ama chakaona châta pachu awpa nata pachhuahpanoh awpa.

b. Mara râh liata thâtihpha chhotuhpa (Evangelist)-zy Khazohpa bie âthu viapa nata sia viapa ta ama pahnopasia thei n’awpa ta nata ama thâtihpha chhona raihria châta pachuna pie awpa nata pachhuahpanoh awpa.

c. Awnanopa chhihthatuhpazy Biehrai nata chakaona kyh liata pahnokawhna pie awpa ta pachhuahpanohpa.

d. Mara râh liata thyutliazy rapi (Music) achuna Course nano nanopazy pachusa awpa.

e. Mara râh rairuna nata hmo âtyh haipazy chôchâh liata seminar, short courses, consultations   (reihpahmaohna/asaohiahna) nata training (pachuna) nano nanopa hnei tyh n’awpa châta pachhuah- panohpa.

4. Academic Programs (Courses)

a. Certificate of Theology (C.Th)

Certificate of Theology (C.Th) course he atakô (2017) tawhta pahypa a châ. He achuna (Course) heta eima râh liata Evangelists zy, Machâ zy, Khîchhôh Machâ zy nata a khohpa maih pachuna (Training) pie awpa â chhuah chai. Khazohpa Bie nata chakaona kyh liata pachhuahpanohna su châta a châ, Mara reih nata Mizo reih ta pachupa a châ. Achuna daihti chhôh: Kô 1. Achu theipazy : Mara reih nata Mizo reih châro nata châ rei athaipa.

b. Diploma in Christian Studies (DCS) nata Bachelor in Christian Studies (BCS)

Senate of Serampore external course, Bachelor in Christian Studies (BCS) cha ECM Assembly ta atakô June tawhta pathao awpa ta a vaw pathlu ha tarawpa ta, he course he January-December liata siekheipa a châ tyhpa vâta nata Senate of Serampore Course châ ta, Senate rei a châ hawpa vâta hâhkô January 2018  tawhta pathao thei awpa ta hnabeiseihpa a châ. Dr. Lalrindiki Ralte, Dean of SCEPTRE, cha Council of Senate of Serampore ta Commission châta a vaw raopa hawhta October 3, 2017 khata MTC mohpasiana (inspection) kaw hnei ta, thâtih phapa thlai ta eima pahnopazi na ta eima hnabeiseih.

c. Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) 

B.Th Course chhao he Senate of Serampore ta hnei pazao via lymâ heih awpa ta Executive Committee, Council of Senate of Serampore ta a pachhuahpanoh ngâhaipa a châ. He Course chhao he keimo MTC ta hâhkô tawhta pahy awpa ta hmah la ngâhaipa a châ hra. Mobile Bible School, Châhvâ Biehrai School/ Nopi School, School of Music, nata course hropazy chhao abyuhna dâh hawhta kô chareih ta baihchhi laih lymâpa a châ aw.

5. Library

1. Châbu
English: 714
Mizo: 561
Mara: 742
Chinese: 4
Hebrew: 1
Hindi: 3
Hmar: 1
Matu: 1
Khumi: 5
Total Books: 2032 

2. Magazines
English: 2
Mizo: 7
Mara: 74
Total Magazines : 83

3. Journal
English: 3

4. Thesis
English: 39

5. Bible
a. English: 43
b. Mizo: 13
c. Mara: 60
d. Hindi: 2
e. Hmar: 1
f. Matu: 1
g. Chinese: 3
h. Hebrew: 1
Total: 124

6. Dictionaries & Commentaries
a. English: 265
b. Mizo: 220
c. Mara: 95
Total:  580

7. Church History
a. English: 127
b. Mizo: 47
c. Mara: 66
Total: 250

8. Theology & Mission
a. English: 90
b. Mizo: 93
c. Mara: 43
Total: 226

9. Hlabu
a. English: 10
b. Mara: 64
c. Khumi: 5
d. China: 1
Total: 70

6. A ry liata moh palâsapazy he MTC Managing Board Members, Faculty members nata staff- zy ama châ:

1. Full Time Workers:

  1. Rev. Dr. F.C. Beichô, B.A., B.D., M.Th.(Missiology), Ph.D.(Missiology) – Principal
  2. Rev. Chhuakhu Khithie, B.Th., B.D., M.Th. (Counseling) – Lecturer
  3. Rev. S. Vabeikhokhei, B.A., B.Th., B.D, M.Th.(Missiology) – Lecturer
  4. Rev. Joseph Kôma Chozah, B.Com., B.D., Lecturer
  5. Ms. C. Partei, B.A., B.D., M.Th. (New Testament) Lecturer
  6. Ms. Lynn H. Ngôhei, B.A., M.Th. (New Testament) – Lecturer
  7. Ms. Ellen Hlychho, B.A., M.A., (English), M.Th. (Theology) – Lecturer
  8. Ms. N. Dawhniarili, B.A., B.D. – Lecturer cum Librarian
  9. Ms. NC. Thiengia, HSLC, – Clerk Cum Cashier
  10. Mr. Lord Jim (Muller), HSSLC, – IVth Grade

2. Part Time Workers:

  1. Rev. Dr. Laiu Fachhai, B.Sc., B.D., M.Th.,(O.T.), D. Th. (O.T.) –Lecturer
  2. Rev. C. Beima, B.Th., B.D., M.Th. (Church History) – Lecturer
  3. Ms. J. Lalvarliani, B.A., M.A. (Education), M.Div., M.Th. (Communication) – Lecturer
  4. Rev. S. Beihruasa, B.A., B.D., M.Th. (Christian Education) – Lecturer
  5. Rev. George B. Solo, B.Th., B.D. – Lecturer

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