The Evangelical Church of Maraland has launch its own Mission since 1966 on the theme “Founded on prayer, Launched by faith,” depended on the Bible and that of Divine Authority Mr. A. Khosa, the ECM’s first Missionary was sent to Khumi (Myanmar) on 1st August, 1966.


The ECM Mission has been working in different fields:

  1. The first Evangelical Mission work in India called Tiwa Evangelical Mission since 1984. Mishing Field Since 2000, Chakma Mission since 200 Arunachal Mission since 2010.
  2. Partnership Mission: with Tripura Baptist Christian Mission since 1990, with India Evangelical Mission since 1987, Serving in Mission since 1994 and Friends Missionary Prayer Band Since 2005.
  3. Overseas Mission: The Overseas Missionaries were sent to  i) Myanmar since 1966, i Nepal since 2001, iii) Bhutan since 2009.


Today the ECM has sent out 286 Missionaries. And 2203 people have taken steps to render their services for God’s Kingdom by sponsoring Missionaries. The main source of the Mission of ECM is “a Handful of Rice” Contributed by the Women wing of the Church.

Atahmâ cha ECM ta Missionaries 286 a tuah papua ha bâ hra. Tawhla Missionary sponsor-tuhpa chhao chyhsa maluh 2203 ama châ hai hra. Mission chakaona sôhnawh chaipa cha “Beihpari” Kizyhpa Nô Py tawhtapa he a châ.